Rust Resurrection

Rust Resurrection is a multi-faceted project involving the collection and transformation of found objects, a cowboy named Spider, a capsule collection of rust-dyed garments, and a classic Lucien Shapiro performance film. 
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The theme of this collection is endless possibility. Both in inspiration and in the garments themselves. We worked with French artist Albane Simon to create surrealist-style collages that transcend reality and dip into the metaphysical landscape of the limitless. 

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Meilu's Alien Tour : Kids Summer 2023

I designed this collection for the Lil Ones in honor of our daughter Meilu's 1st birthday. And of course she is the star of this drop too!

Our current home in Roswell, New Mexico is the self-appointed mecca of tourism alien kitsch -

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QI 氣: SPRING 2023

Qi  (pronounched chee) literally means "air, water, vapor, or breath" in Chinese. Qi is a central concept in Chinese culture and refers to the rhythmic energy that constitutes each and every thing in the universe. It's the life force and energy flow that's embedded in all existences.
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Repurposed with Purpose

Since we started Ziran in 2016 we've wanted to make this collection. It just took the pandemic, dedication, and isolation to finally make it happen. This is a very special collection of vintage garments that have been repurposed with purpose. 
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Serpentine is a new collection that celebrates shedding your old skin. Like a cosmic serpent, Serpentine welcomes what's new, bright, and awakened.
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