Hati Hati is our new collection, inspired by and designed in Bali. Hati Hati literally translated in Indonesian means “watch your heart.” 

Hati Hati is a warning cry:

To be aware of our impact, to move slow, to honor the Balinese people, and to protect our hearts. 

We are always guests on this island. 

We are guests on this planet, really.

Open to its suffering and failures, and its beauty and triumphs.

Hati Hati is a reminder to carve a protected space for our hearts.

To stay open, but not harden.

To nourish the land,

To respect the people. 


This is the Ziran Way.


 Thank you, Matur Suksma, to the island ~ Mama Bali ~ for welcoming, sheltering, inspiring and nurturing us.

We carry this privilege with immense gratitude. 

Campaign Credits:
Creative Director: Kelly Wang Shanahan (@theziran)
Photographer: Jessica Foley (@fauxly)
Models: Eva Kandra (@evakandra) + Fa'hrani Pawaka Empel (@favelamunk)
Producer: Cathryn Rose Deleon (@cathrynrosedeleon)
Shot in Bali, Indonesia. March 2024.
Gold + Silver Earrings Credits:
Photographer: Simrah Farrukh (@simrahfarrukh)
Prop Stylist: Audrey Taylor (@audreytaylorvisuals)