From The Banks Of The Pearl River

Xiang Yun Sha Silk

Our special silk literally translates to "perfumed cloud clothing" in Chinese and pronounced SHUNG YOON SHAH. Skilled artisans have been hand making xiang yun sha silk for 500 years in one small village in southern China.

No harsh chemicals are used and the entire process is sustainable, from beginning to end. Our silk is naturally anti-microbial, wrinkle-resistant, and incredibly buttery soft.

How It's Made

Uncle Bo is a master craftsman who dyes every yard of Ziran Silk. The silk is dyed with the "shu liang" root, a type of Chinese yam. The yam grows for 7 years before it's ready to be picked and juiced into dye. It smells sticky sweet. This is the only dye used.

Our silk is made only during the summer, when the sun is highest. 15 yard bundles are stretched and baked in the sun. If it rains the silk cannot be made.

Iron-rich mud from the Pearl river is swept over the silk. The iron in the mud and the tannins in the dye create a chemical reaction that changes the silk and turns it xiang yun sha.

Our silk is hand carried to the river and washed. Then the entire process is repeated up to 30 times to get the desired texture and color. Every yard is different and one of a kind.

To The Streets Of Los Angeles

Ziran Manufacturing

All of our products are made-to-order and hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles. We aim to be as transparent and responsible as possible, both in our manufacturing processes and our relationships with the people we work with.

Cultural Heritage

An emblem of cultural heritage, our silk is the highest quality in the world. By choosing Ziran you are helping continue an ancient and beautiful craft. We believe it's our duty to honor and preserve this tradition for the next generation. This is the Ziran Way.

Ziran Innovation

We are the first and only brand using xiang yun sha silk in North America. We are continually developing new variations of silk making, from proprietary "leather silks", patchwork and embroidery, raw silks, and silk-cotton blends.

Our Mission

Ziran is a sustainable silk line based on storytelling, purpose, and cultural heritage. By using xiang yun sha silk, Ziran is helping to preserve and protect an ancient tradition, while leading a new generation to live the Ziran way: natural, spontaneous, and free.

Kelly Wang Shanahan is the Creative Director and Founder of Ziran. She started the line in June 2016 after becoming disillusioned with the luxury fashion industry and its waste, fast fashion mentality, and lack of purpose. She discovered xiang yun sha silk while researching ancient Chinese techniques in college and instantly fell in love with both it's luxurious beauty and cultural significance.

Kelly has sacrificed and worked hard to make her vision a reality. She's guided by a strong value system of sustainability, social responsibility, accountability, and purpose.