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Ziran uses a proprietary sustainable silk called xiang yun sha (pronouced SHUNG YOON SHA). The silk has been made for the past 500 years in one town in China. Every yard of Ziran silk is different. It’s made in small batches, 15 yards at a time with no harsh chemicals, all natural ingredients, and a completely sustainable process from start to finish.

In addition to its environmentally sensitive properties, Ziran’s buttery silk is anti-microbial and wrinkle resistant, yet durable enough for everyday wear.

Ziran is the first and only company in the US using xiang yun sha silk. 


We have been making reversible silk facemasks for a few years. These masks are made with 100% xiang yun sha silk. This silk is sustainable, all-natural, and anti-microbial. Our masks are constructed out of scrap fabrics with zero waste. Hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles.

Facemasks help prevent illness and are required by law in many cities.

Thank you. We love you.


Watch The Ziran Way, a short documentary that exposes the life of the silk, from its’ beginning on the silk farm to a finished piece in Los Angeles.