Rust Resurrection

Rust Resurrection



Rust Resurrection is a multi-faceted project involving the transformation of found objects, a cowboy named Spider, a capsule collection of rust-dyed garments, and a Lucien Shapiro performance film. 

Here's the breakdown:

FOUND OBJECTS: Over the course of a year, artist Lucien Shapiro collected various forgotten and discarded objects from the 50 acres of farm land surrounding our home at the RAiR Residency in Roswell, New Mexico. Like rusty chains, car hood ornaments, nails, a chair, and insects. 

THE COWBOY NAMED SPIDER: We befriended a New Mexican cowboy named Spider who graciously gave us dozens of old horseshoes. These horseshoes are the foundation of this project and used to dye every garment. 

CAPSULE COLLECTION: We wanted to resurrect these collected objects (who knows how long they have been drying out in the desert sun!) and give them new life in a special way. So, we made a limited number of Ziran garments in our pre-existing, tried and true styles like camp collars, chore jackets, and trousers. But we're offering these styles in a new fabric we've been itching to use for years. A super soft and durable sustainable organic hemp/cotton twill. The perfect material to dye with found rusty objects and you can see the imprints these objects made on the garments. For example, the elliptical, swirling markings on each piece was created using the horseshoes. 

We shot the campaign imagery with photographer Brad Trone in Nambe, New Mexico. Special thanks to Andrew and Midnite for modeling. 

Every garment is unique and one of a kind. Available in extremely limited quantities.

THE FILM: We collaborated with artist Victor Yanez-Lazcaño to create a short performance film. Lucien made a mask out of the remains of insects he found around our home that once walked the land. Like scorpions, wasps, vinagaroons, tarantulas, butterflies, cicadas, and beetles. No insects were harmed in the making of the mask. He arranged the animals into a geometric, patterned mosaic and froze them in time. He made a necklace out of broken glass bottles he found in the field too. Lucien imagines these bottles once held beverages consumed after a long, hard day on the farm. He uses recycled objects because he likes to imagine their stories and the lives they’ve lived. 

“I like the process of collection and the memories they give. I like to have my hand and energy in every element of the creative process. I am creating art through anything I touch. This project is another way to show my artistic expression, and the originality of every garment is apart of that. They are all one offs and no two are the same. Rust Resurrection ties memories of my family, New Mexico, Spider, and the RAiR program together to celebrate transformation and revival. If you’re picking up one of these pieces you’re not only picking up clothing but a piece of me and my art.” -Lucien

Kelly turned a large swath of rust-dyed fabric into a patchworked costume that Lucien wears. Watching Lucien dye the yardage and garments was like watching the artisans on the silk farm.

“Seeing hands build, shape, and distort natural elements into a dye process is one of the core elements of Ziran and I feel strongly connected to this type of craft. This project links and holds my memories from the silk farm. It's like we created our own version here. The lands of New Mexico - like the lands of southern China - can give us so much if we take our time and look.” -Kelly

This film was directed and shot by Victor directed at the Henge, a strangely dystopic building created in the 1970s by RAiR's founders. 

Thank you for taking a look + we hope you love this special project! :) 




Creative Direction: Lucien Shapiro (@lucienshapiro)

Producer: Ziran (@theziran)

Film Director: Victor Yañez-Lazcano (@yanezlazcano)

Photographer: Brad Trone (@bradtrone)

Talent: Andrew Cimelli (@snarlsxxl) + Midnite Lujan (@midnitelujan)

Jewelry: Maida Goods (@maidagoods)

Video Editor: Justin Marquez (@justintimemarquez)

Special thanks to Spider Dailey and RAiR.

Roswell + Nambe, New Mexico. 2023.