Meilu's Alien Tour : Kids Summer 2023

Meilu's Alien Tour : Kids Summer 2023

Tomorrow, May 29th, is our daughter Meilu's 1st birthday! To celebrate we're dropping our long-awaited and anticipated Lil Ones collection. 

Our current home in Roswell, New Mexico is the self-appointed mecca of tourism alien kitsch -- so we capitalized on the weirdness and took Meilu around town in the new pieces. It happened to be an incredibly windy day (like 60 mph winds) so every location was a bit chaotic... something out of our control but also an accurate reflection of life with a child! You just gotta hang on tight and roll.

Nevertheless, Meilu had a wonderful time and this lil girl needed no coaxing... fully embracing all the aliens she met! 

We hope you love this special, personal drop! Now go get your lil ones dripped! It only makes them cuter ;)

Creative Direction: Kelly Wang Shanahan (@theziran)

Photography: Brad Trone (@bradtrone)

Talent: Meilu Astra Shapiro 

Shot in Roswell, New Mexico. April 2023.