QI 氣: SPRING 2023

QI 氣: SPRING 2023

Qi  (pronounced chee) literally means "air, water, vapor, or breath" in Chinese. Qi is a central concept in Chinese culture and refers to the rhythmic energy that constitutes each and every thing in the universe. It's the life force and energy flow that's embedded in all existences.

Within ourselves, we can harness, cultivate, and activate a vibrant and sparkling Qi. We can do this through mindful thought, exercises, and habit. Like breathwork, going outside, healthy eating... the list goes on and on. Your personal Qi is unique and different from those around you and only you know when your energy feels best. 

This Spring 2023 collection celebrates our collective Qi. Wearing our clothing is an activation of rhythm. We hear over and over again that you feel a certain special way draped in our silk. It has transformative power. Maybe that's knowing where it comes from and how it was made, or what Ziran means, or how the buttery smooth texture feels against your skin. Whatever it is, when you wear our pieces you feel electric. 

Your Qi is constantly moving, flowing, and changing. We hope this collection fortifies your Qi while also reminding you to always honor your life force. 

This is our largest collection to date (108 new styles!). We hope you love it. 



Creative Direction: Kelly Wang Shanahan (@theziran)

Photography: Brad Trone (@bradtrone)

Models: Cory Feder (@yesolpictures) + Diego Medina (@daydreamboy)

Super 8mm Video shot by Kelly, edited by Jobe Lowen (@jobetoenail)

Song "Apples with Honey" by Yesol (@yesolpictures)

Jewelry: Laura Estrada (@lauraestradajewelry)

Shot at the Acequia Madre house in Santa Fe, New Mexico. February 2023.