Serpentine is a new collection that celebrates shedding your old skin. Like a cosmic serpent, Serpentine welcomes what's new, bright, and awakened.
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In a world of continual chaos and destruction, this collection celebrates JOY. It’s okay to relish in and embrace our inner light, movement, and happiness. 
We ALL deserve joy.
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From the Mud Grows a Lotus

From the Mud Grows a Lotus is a metaphor for life. A lotus flower can only grow in mud: this is it's foundation. The lotus rises unsoiled from it's murky origins into a blooming, beautiful flower. Buddhists (and Daoists too) view the lotus as a symbol of humanity's true nature: pure, awake, and enlightened. At our core this is who we are.

Yet the world is dirty and messy,

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An Exploration of Motherhood

This project explores the full spectrum of Motherhood. We also drop a kid's line for the first time.
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Yang Sheng is a Daoist philosophical concept that advocates good health. It’s an ancient practice of self-care. Yang (養) means nourishing and Sheng (生) means life, growth, or vitality - with
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NATURAL ORDER is a balance that will always be in order regardless of every weapon or power formed against prosperity and the flow of life. Man can only exist in a state of destruction and over abundance for so long until NATURAL ORDER is restored. 
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