ZIRAN MUSE: Chelsea Wong

I spent a few weeks in San Francisco while my husband was at a residency. During this time I got to hang, photograph, and interview Artist Chelsea Wong in her studio in the Mission. Instantly I was struck by Chelsea's magnanimous
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In Your Element

This is a special project I did with Photographer Jessica Foley while in New York over the summer. We're calling it "In Your Element," as it's a personal dive into four different artists and their daily lives. 
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Ziran Muse: Melanie Luna

In New York you randomly meet cool people. We went to an art show and out of nowhere Melanie came rushing out of the bathroom
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Ziran Muse: Megan Rugani

In May, my partner Lucien and I went on a road trip throughout the Southwest. Upon his insistence, we went to White Sands National Park under the premise of a “sunset picnic.” Then BAM! Lucien proposed to me. 
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On a quiet afternoon in October, I visited the band Junaco at their home in Echo Park. Nestled on a lush hillside, Shahana and Joey reside in
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In April 2020, artist Lucien Shapiro and myself explored a profound and important element of quarantine: masks. We both have been making masks for years (he makes elaborate masks out of found materials, I make masks out of silk) yet now masks have transformed into a controversial 
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