We shot our Summer 2019 collection "Nostalgia"  in my hometown of Redondo Beach, CA. I grew up here. It’s dirty, smells like fish, and on most days feels like the ghost town of our youth. It’s perfect.
It remains one of the last gentrification hold outs on the California water front. Yet yellow tractors are pushing the beach culture of our youth out into the sea, and making this place for someone else. Our generation realizes we are the last to enjoy things the way they used to be.
But if we’re given a chance, we can preserve our cultural identity while moving forward.
This is the Ziran way, and we apply it to everything we do, including our silk. We are continuing this ancient culture while at the same time modernizing so it remains relevant today.
It’s important to share stories. What’s yours?

Creative Direction: Kelly Wang Shanahan + Trayein Duplessis

Photography: Jason Clifton

Video: Kevin Jansen

Models: Aaron Bernards / Veronica Molidor

Styling: Kelly Wang Shanahan

Hair/Makeup: Jill Molidor

Jewelry: Roses Metal Works

Sunglasses: Crap Eyewear