Ziran Muse: Namaste Shawty

We met Namaste Shawty at our studio, which is on the edge of Historic South Central and Downtown LA. It was a day of quick changes, connecting, healing, and learning how “The Flow” shows up in her life. 

Namaste Shawty is more than just a DJ, and quite literally she embodies every essence of her name. She carries herself with confidence that transcends beyond the moment: she instantly brings you into her world. Like the rest of us, her world is filled with its’ own ups and downs, but she carries an ease and peace that things will be as they are. 

She fits everything that we at Ziran love to embody and is the true essence of natural, spontaneous, and free. There isn’t a thing about her that’s contrived. 

We spent the day strolling the USC Rose Garden and the delicious food court at Mercado La Paloma. If you haven’t been to these sweet little nooks, you’re missing out on some great nature and smells.

On our stroll we caught up with what it means to connect deeply to ourselves, to our ancestors, and what generational healing can look like. Quick sidenote about generational healing: it can look like saying no and taking a break from things that you thought you were destined to do. Or it can look like waking up early to sit with yourself and the world. You know what? It’s up to you. Whatever grounds you. 

We dive into this, and so much more.

When did you decide to pursue Djing?

To be honest, it kind of just happened, I never really decided to be a DJ and do the things that I’m doing now. It was more of me being around a lot of DJs and naturally learning from them. While DJing at a friends house party, they noticed that I was really good at it and they asked if I wanted to open up for them, and I did! One thing led to another and it just popped off. Which is cool because its been really organic: I just have fun and that energy of having fun has flourished into a profession.

It’s very healing playing music and seeing how things flow and what goes together.

Yeah, curating the sound of a party is a big deal because music is energy, it’s vibration. So I’m thinking about that when I’m DJing and also my intention when I DJ, which is usually for people to feel comfortable and free enough to dance and express themselves through their bodies and music. 

What does the process of curating a set usually look like for you and what does it feel like?

I mean, my favorite kind of party to DJ is a party where I can just play what I feel. There are some parties where I know people want to listen to a certain type of music.The good thing is that I listen to all genres, so when I play I can pull from different genres and it feels authentic to me. 

My process starts by me knowing what kind of party I’m DJing, then collecting music that I feel would be fun or something they want to hear. Then I run through it. I’ll even make a playlist and if I can get it to blend nicely it’s the best feeling.

That’s my favorite. When it all matches and you find a little pocket.


Finding that pocket is quite alchemical, by seeing how things merge together. DJing is about moving energy in a room. Is there a party you’ve done that was memorable in how you changed the energy, or transmuted it from one feeling to another?

Yeah, that happens a lot! There’s just something that really excites me when I play a certain song and you hear people SCREAM. That is so tight! And playing old songs that people know the lyrics to!

Yeah! Because you get more people who know the feeling, the energy, and the words! I love that. I’ve also seen that community is important for you, and being of service to the community. What draws you to that type of service?

For me, community and personal relationships are what brings me the most joy. I love being around my friends and having fun. I can’t share my gifts in isolation. I have to share them with my community, with people. As far as community, its just natural.

It’s who I am, where I’m at, and where I came from. It’s like, “Duh I’m going to DJ the functions!”


Giving back to the community and the people! That’s really important to us. We want to create a safe space where people can come and listen to good music and have a good time while also maybe stimulating some ideas to keep the momentum going for them…  all the while giving back to those who support us, around us.

Also, you always look INCREDIBLE, how has fashion been important in how you portray and present yourself? 

Well for me, fashion has always been an extension of myself, my personality and my art. I look at clothing as adornment and the way we choose to put it together is fun.

I just love clothes and how it can really change how I feel, and also how I impact other people. I think sometimes we underestimate how garments can impact us. For instance, when people do makeovers?! I’m like, “All you needed to do was wear clothes that fit you!” It changes what you’re projecting in the world.

I also love dressing for the mood. Personally, comfort is very important to me. I’m always trying to be comfortable: if I’m not comfortable I’m not walking out of the house. The ideal garment for me is a comfortable and super fashion forward, edgy look. 

Fashion is something that I’ve always paid attention to. At first it was an out from being in the hood, but then it made me think of how I wanted to show up in the world.

Being present in how you show up in this world - and what you do - is very important.

Yeah, because I’ve tried to do work that feels like work, and I’m miserable!

It has to feel like I’m having fun, and doesn’t feel like work!

Our mantra is to be natural, spontaneous and free. Our Muses represent and embrace that. What does this look like to you? 

Those are goals in my life, always. I’m very spontaneous and it shows! Maybe I don’t have a lot of material shit to show: I don’t own a house. But I have experiences. I have awesome memories, and my personality and style are influenced by me just jumping into the water, without any question. 

I think being spontaneous is important for magic too. I feel like when I go somewhere spontaneous, or do something spontaneous there’s magic that carries me through. I don’t know how to explain it. As far as being free, I’m constantly working on reconditioning. As woke as I am, there are still parts of me that are very conditioned. Sometimes I grieve for those parts of me that are still caught up.

Well everyday you get caught up in the outside world, external forces are always present.

Yeah, I’m working hard to be able to recondition and be free, and learn what it means to be free. That means doing whatever I want, and not being afraid to do what I want. I don’t always feel like that, but the goal is to feel that way.

Being natural for me lies in going back to my ancestors, and the natural way of life. I’ve been trying my best to wake up with the sun and go to sleep with the sun, which is really hard to do in modern society, but the intention of waking early feels really good and natural.

Even with the lighting, I’ll light candles and not turn on lights and electronics. I’m also thinking of natural cycles, and my own natural cycles with the Earth, along with my menstrual cycle. I’m trying to pay more attention to my body and naturally what cycle I’m in. Am I in hibernation mode? Am I in community mode? What am I feeling? I’m embracing those feelings and my connection to Self and the Earth.

Wow. That’s it!


With open hearts, and a solid feeling of being both seen and understood, we ended our day on a beautiful note. Sharing space together really brought us both clarity and a sense of compassion and a home in one another.

This is something that we strive for at Ziran. We want everyone we encounter, whether it be through our garments, social platforms, or in person - we want everyone to feel seen, understood, and free. To always embrace the Flow, the Ziran Way.

Namaste Shawty will be DJing at The Flow, November 22. RSVP@THEZIRAN.COM

Keep up with Namaste Shawty: @Namaste_Shawty

Words + Photography: Trayein Duplessis @triiiniiti.xyz

November 2019. Los Angeles.