If you mindlessly scroll through social media like the rest of our generation, chances are you've lurked Brook Power before. Playboy's 2017 Playmate of the year, Mother, Surfer, Artist, Model, this Multi-hyphenate has a natural vibe that is evident across all her platforms. Her nostalgic artwork and natural beauty is what drew us to learn more about her.

We asked Brook and good friend Alie Layus to take some Ziran pieces and have fun with them. Check out the shoot and learn more about Brook below.

You seem like a pretty well rounded creative but it seems like you commonly get labeled as a model, what would you consider yourself?

It's sad that these days being a model is almost scoffed at, like we don't do anything but stand there. Models need to understand a photographer’s vision in order to help them achieve, and they need to grasp the feeling or mood that is trying to be evoked. That’s art, however small it may or may not be. Modeling alone wouldn't quench my artistic expressions appetite though, so yes I dabble in many mediums, collage currently being one of them.

Not a lot of women can say they gave birth then go on to become Playmate of the Year. Congrats on both accomplishments! What helps you balance your career and also be a mother?

Yeah that was a little crazy shooting that story two and a half months after having a baby. All my cousins and friends as babysitters is really my biggest help with juggling everything, I couldn't do it all without them. I'm remodeling houses right now too and working on art projects and modeling and I’m going a bit kookoo honestly, need a vacation!

You were the first ever Native American Playmate correct? How has your ancestry informed the woman you are today?

I think I might have been, but i know there were plenty of photo spreads of native girls throughout the years. I grew up in Hawaii so I’m not very familiar with my native american tribe at all. But the native Hawaiian customs I grew up with are not surprisingly similar to my tribes actually. They respect all creatures and all life. I’m so happy those were (historically) the beliefs of my tribe, and that they were a kind people, because all of the native american tribes beliefs varied greatly. I’m a total nerd for Sacagawea even though we are of different tribes. Being human is the biggest connection any way we are all really from the same tribe!

Your artwork has a sense of nostalgia to it. What inspires your collages? What makes you work in the analog sense over a digital format?

I can’t stand being in front of a computer, and I hate sitting. I cut all of my pieces standing up on a countertop hah. And yes they're very nostalgic. I just like to capture little pieces of a dream world where the viewer's imagination can then run with.