Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massager



Yang Sheng is a philosophical concept that advocates good health. It’s an ancient practice of self-care. Yang (養) means nourishing and Sheng (生) means life, growth, or vitality - with an emphasis on life developing and transforming over time. Together, Yang Sheng means “Nourishing Life.”

Our lives are nourished by the Three Treasures: Jing (essence)Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit). 

Nourish your Qi with this custom Rose Quartz gua sha massager, exclusively created for us by Dr. Nicole Glathe (DAOM, LAc, DipIOM).  

"The history of gua sha is rooted in revitalizing ancient farmers from heat stroke or releasing the toxins of acute infections (like a cold or virus). While these indications are still used, acupuncturists today use the technique to release muscle tension anywhere in the body and, most popularly if you search the #Guasha hashtag, for facial rejuvenation. 

It has become a means of self care, a pause in the day for “me” time which is as revitalizing as it is relaxing. I chose this shape of the tool specifically for the face (although it can be used anywhere). 

Gua sha helps manually drain sluggish Qi and lymph—stagnant energy and fluid that can cause puffiness and inflammation— thereby biohacking our bodies own healing mechanisms for an all-natural and brighter face sans injections." 

Key benefits: release tension, facial rejuvenation (improve elasticity, reduce puffiness and fine lines), daily ritual

  • Rose quartz stone with Ziran engraving
  • Rose quartz is known to help aide the heart and increase self-love 
  • Due to natural variations in stone, each tool is unique 
  • Padded and protective storage box included
  • Recommended for all skin types

Directions for use:

1. Cleanse face and hands.

2. Apply a facial oil. Warm your tool by rubbing it in your hands.

3. The side with two prongs is best for the corner of the jaw, neck, and scalp, where the flat sides are best for the cheeks and forehead. Use an upward motion, moving from the center of the face out to the side. Do this on each side of the neck, jaw, cheek, cheekbone, eyebrow, forehead, and scalp.

Handmade in small quantities. 

Our silk is naturally anti-microbial and very durable: you can wear it many times before washing. But when it's time, hand wash with cold water and a mild soap. Hang to dry. Steam to remove any wrinkles. If ironing, iron on low heat.