Jing Herbal Supplement - Stress Less

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Yang Sheng is a philosophical concept that advocates good health. It’s an ancient practice of self-care. Yang (養) means nourishing and Sheng (生) means life, growth, or vitality - with an emphasis on life developing and transforming over time. Together, Yang Sheng means “Nourishing Life.”

Our lives are nourished by the Three Treasures: Jing (essence)Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit). 

Nourish your Jing with this special herbal supplement formulated by Dr. Nicole Glathe (DAOM, LAc, DipIOM). 

"Jing in Chinese medicine is your essence, made up of the constitution you were born with and the vitality you extract from your daily life. Jing is precious and needs to be guarded, as it forms the basis of growth, development, reproduction, and maturation, but can be easily wasted through physical and mental stress. 

I created a formula that isn’t a Jing-tonic in the traditional sense, but more of a preventative formula. These herbs help you adapt to stress and preserve your essence. They are proven to reduce inflammation, balance cortisol, improve recovery and endurance, as well as manage the mental stress of your day to day." 

Key benefits: ease stress, reduce inflammation, improve recovery 

  • All natural, sustainably and responsibly sourced formula
  • 100% organic, vegan, gluten, cruelty, allergen free
  • 2oz / 60ml
  • Premium ingredients:
    • Ci Wu Jia (Eleuthero Root), Ling Zhi (Reishi), Wu Wei Zi (Schizandra), Gou Ji Zi (Goji berry), Dong Chong Xia Zao (Cordyceps), He Shou Wu (Polygonum)
  • 100% xiang yun sha silk bag included in every order. You get to choose the print too! 
  • Supplement photographed with its' accompanying ingredients

Directions for use:

5 full dropper squeezes orally or in water in the morning. Increase to 2x per day in times of stress. 

Handmade in small quantities in Los Angeles, CA. 

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Our silk is naturally anti-microbial and very durable: you can wear it many times before washing. But when it's time, hand wash with cold water and a mild soap. Hang to dry. Steam to remove any wrinkles. If ironing, iron on low heat.

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